Choosing An On-line Casino Shouldn't Be A Gamble
It's an important decision and one you shouldn't take lightly. It's just as important as knowing the odds, tendencies, averages, and payout percentages, maybe even more. Winning money consistently is difficult enough without having the odds stacked against you.
With the ever-increasing number of on-line sites to choose from, it's becoming increasingly more difficult to know where to look for the best odds, the fairest play, the fastest payouts and the most secure and discreet gaming establishments.

With new and ever-improving technologies eliminating geographical boundaries, accessing these gaming establishments around the world has never been easier. As the popularity of the Internet increases, so does the popularity of on-line gaming. Today, Internet gambling is literally at your fingertips - just a mouse click away - and it's here to stay.

So what exactly is Internet Gambling? How do you find the "A" sites on the Internet? Where and how are Internet Casinos legalized, licensed, regulated and insured? What types of games and sporting events are covered? How can you tell that you are dealing with a reputable establishment? These are important questions and you should know the answers to them, before you try your luck on line.

At SoftNetGaming, we believe choosing an on-line Casino shouldn't be a gamble. That's why we've developed the SoftNetGaming Certification Program. The SoftNetGaming Certified Seal is awarded to gaming sites that meet or exceed our stringent evaluation criteria. We cover every angle, reviewing the hardware, software, encryption technology, financial transaction processing, technical support, licensing status and more, providing you with all the information necessary to choose wisely.

Internet Casinos displaying the SoftNetGaming Certified Seal offer a variety of gambling options just like those found in Vegas. Dozens of casino-style games, such as blackjack, roulette, poker and slot machines are available right through your PC, along with comprehensive international sportsbook wagering, pari-mutuel coverage, bingo, lotteries and more. On-line casinos often pass the benefits of lower overhead on to their members by offering them better odds than land-based casinos. In our book, fair play and fast pay are always a winning combination.

It is interesting to note that all Internet Casinos are located outside of the United States, while a number of them are listed on the NASDAQ. Internet Gambling is legal in over 40 countries, the two most prominent being Antigua and Australia. With 6-digit licensing fees, in addition to ongoing taxes, Internet gambling enjoys popular support among many sovereign nations. However, while some countries regulate the industry more tightly than others, many offer no regulation whatsoever. Only a few States prohibit their residents from wagering over the Internet, Nevada, for example, for obvious reasons. However, there is no federal law in place prohibiting U.S. residents from placing Internet wagers provided the actual computer server is located in a jurisdiction outside of the U.S. that offers legalized Internet gaming. Note: It is a violation of federal law to place a sports wager over the telephone, no matter what anyone tells you (see the Federal Wire Act).

When you see the SoftNetGaming Certified Seal you can rest assured the gaming site is licensed and regulated by a legitimate, governing jurisdiction. Antigua, for example, currently employs the strictest criteria outside of Nevada when it comes to the issuance of gaming licenses and the monitoring and regulating of all gaming operations within its jurisdiction. With a cap on the number of licenses Antigua will issue, less than 20% of submitted applications are granted, and those only after thorough screening by international law enforcement agencies such as the FBI and Scotland Yard.

In addition to offering the SoftNetGaming Certified Seal, SoftNetGaming is recognized as a leading Internet publisher dedicated to delivering A World of Information for a World of Gamblers, via its suite of on-line magazines.

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