At SoftNetGaming, Inc., we utilize the most current, top of the line programming and scripting capabilities available to engineer your Website.

We build interactive, database-driven Websites and applications geared for use on the Internet. Your Website will be customized with development features such as full-text search, live online database connectivity, web-based distribution applications,
e-commerce solutions and automated surveys with tallied results.

In addition to Website development, SoftNetGaming, Inc. can also meet your software needs by developing customized software to fit your needs and by offering e-commerce and e-cash solutions.

Our areas of expertise in development include:

¢ Website development and enhancement
¢ Creation of gaming software
¢ E-commerce and e-cash solutions
SoftNetGaming, Inc. offers hosting services for both simple static and complex Websites, utilizing
Our hosting services are provided through state-of-the-art hardware, housed in a secure facility, with off-site backup systems.

Websites hosted by SoftNetGaming, Inc. can include both test and production versions. This way, during all production stages and through finalization, your Website can be accessed for enhancement, editing and testing, all without disturbing the operational version until all changes are complete.

Production Websites are hosted utilizing the following hardware:

We have expert knowledge of most databases and their specific requirements for use on the Internet, which is critical for functionality and service to both you and your customers.

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