SoftNetGaming, Inc. believes that the design of any Website involves three areas of creativity: information/content design, navigational design and graphic design. With an eye to creating a Website specifically geared to your needs, we combine these three elements into a smoothly functional unit that effectively broadcasts your message and creates excitement for your customers.

Our wide-ranging expertise in these areas includes:

¢ Writing and editing content
¢ Site structure mapping
¢ Navigation design and layout
¢ GUI design
¢ Page and template layout
¢ Logo design
¢ Banner ad design
¢ Illustrations
¢ Graphic design


What is your message? Is it easily construed? Information design entails determining and writing content and mapping it out on your Website in a way that effectively gets your message across in a clear and concise manner. Using language that is easily understood by the general population, and more specifically your customers, is a fundamental requisite for your Website.


Where do I go from here to get to there? Navigation design comprises providing access points to your content via buttons, menus and links. The design of these elements should be consistent, logical and take into consideration people's intuition. Functionality and ease of use are vitally important to every Website.


Wow! What a sight! Graphic design equals eye-catching visuals. The first thing a person perceives when downloading your site is the overall visual impact, or lack thereof. With enhanced visuals immediately evident, and the use of color, imagery, contrast and spacing, you are better able to get - and keep - customers.

Information, Navigation and Graphics are the backbone, heart and soul of your Website. With all three working together in harmony, your Website will be a smoothly functioning body, able to attract your targeted consumer and enhance your company's performance.

Our amazing team of graphic artists can even adapt a freehand drawing to the computer and manipulate the image for use on your site!

Our experience has proven that the average person's attention span is about 3.5 seconds when viewing a Website, UNLESS their interest is captured in such a way as to leave them wanting more. Then, they take the time to further explore and participate. Our design team always gives them more!

Learn About Website Certification for Gaming Websites

At SoftNetGaming, Inc., we believe that choosing an online casino shouldn't be a gamble. As such, we have developed a special incentive for online casinos, The SoftNetGaming Certification Program. The SoftNetGaming Certified Seal is awarded to gaming sites that meet or exceed our stringent evaluation criteria. We cover every angle, including reviewing hardware, software, encryption technology, financial transaction processing, technical support, licensing status and more, providing your customers with all the information necessary to choose a casino wisely.

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